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Jacobs University is a recently established university devoted to attract international students at the undergraduate and graduate level. It offers a strong interdisciplinary teaching program in English for mostly (>75%) foreign students from over 95 nations.

Particularly interesting are the Master programs Molecular Life Science and Nanomolecular Science both with biophysics as an option. The biophysics group organizes annually an international summer workshop. On a regular basis the group hosts 2-5 researchers for training on high resolution electrophysiology.

The Computational Biophysics group has an expertise in large scale molecular dynamics simulation on membrane proteins. Recently the team was enlarged by Roland Benz who joint JUB as Wisdom Professor.



Role: Within this collaboration the experimental group engineers and purifies porins. The main task is the characterization of antibiotic permeation using electrophysiology. The computation team concentrates on molecular level simulations of influx and efflux.

The group has the infrastructure for protein production in E. coli (S1/S2 facility), clean room facility, biophysical tools (fluorescence, FCS, confocal microscope, microcalorimetry, Langmuir blodgett, microfluidics, high resolution electrophysiology). Large scale molecular dynamics simulations are performed at local, national and international supercomputer facilities.
Simulation of ion currents through porins, opening of TolC and substrate transport in AcrB.





mathias_winterhalterProf. Mathias Winterhalter






Jacobs University, Germany