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Personal career development plan


Once the fellow has been hired, the fellow, the supervisor, and the co-advisors of the project have agreed upon a personal career development plan.

This plan has been based on the individual needs and career plan of the fellow and it took the form of a signed agreement between the advisor and the fellow.



The development plan has included:

 The research plan, together with milestones as detailed in the project.
 A list of courses to be attended by the fellow. This list has been prepared based on the requirements of the PhD program the fellow was enrolled in as well as the individual needs of the fellow.
 A further list of non-subject-specific courses outside the fellow’s curricula, attended by the fellow, such as computing courses, business courses and formal training in complementary skills.
 Where necessary, the development plan has included language lessons.  English was spoken at all hosts; however, we considered some level of proficiency in the language of the host country to be necessary to enable the fellow to immerse into the local culture and environment.