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Associated partners

imi-logoThis project reflects the collaboration among partners of a previous Marie Curie project and an ongoing Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) project. In particular the IMI project is a highly novel private-public partnership providing a very unique platform for research benefitting from the research of 5 major global players in antibiotic drug development, three of which (BPI, Aze, GSK) agreed to train our young researcher. This opened a unique opportunity to integrate a larger number of young researchers inside an industrial environment.

As this large project is running mainly by experienced researcher the ITN application has allowed 12 students to participate in this private-public partnership. Together with the two actively involved SME the entire consortium supported entrepreneurship of the younger researcher and 12 had the opportunity to get acquainted with working in a company. The young fellows from Nanion and BioVersys were formally PhD student in the respective partner university where the second supervisor is located. During their training both have performed longer secondments in their respective university partner group. On the other hand, the academic groups has sent young fellows for a secondment to the SME. Moreover the young researcher had the unique opportunity to perform shorter research visits in one of the three global players (GlaxoSmithKleine, AstraZneca, Basilea Pharmaceutica International).




Basilea Pharmaceutica