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mc-e-euThe Marie Sklodowska Curie Initial Training Network  ” Molecular Basis of Antibiotic Translocation” is a multidisciplinary  project that reflects an outstanding collaboration among partners of a previous Marie Sklodowska Curie funded project and an ongoing Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) project.


imi-logoIn particular the IMI project is a highly novel private-public partnership providing a unique platform for research as it benefits from the collaboration of 5 major global players in antibiotic drug development, three of which agreed to train our young Fellows. This opens a unique opportunity to integrate a larger number of young researchers inside a more industrial environment.

translocation-banner-12xThis partnership has bridged nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, computer modeling, pharmacology and microbiology together, thus facilitating the transfer of expertise acquired within the network in both academia and industry. The ITN Translocation network brings together universities, industry partners and research centers as full and associated beneficiaries. Also, within this project two partners from the private sector have directly participated as associated partners.

The first partner from the private sector, Nanion Technologies GmbH, (NAN) develops state-in-the-art nanotechnology to miniaturize and automatize electrophysiology. This SME offered and will continue to offer blocks of one month training on their instruments. The student have learnt industrial development skills.

The second SME (BioVersys) is a recently created start up in Basel devoted to develop novel antibiotics.

Here is the list of full beneficiaries:

The associated beneficiaries are: