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Jiajun Wang


Jiajun Wang  was born on 13th August, 1990 in Shanghai, China. He achieved his bachelor degrees in Electronic and Control Engineering from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU, UK) and Electronic and Electrical Engineering from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST, CHN). He then conquered Bionanotechnology in University of Southampton (Soton, UK) and was trying to involve his background into cutting edge electrophysiology studies. Hitherto, he is employed at Nanion Technologies GmbH as an ITN student and in close collaboration with Winterhalter research group at Jacobs University.

Jiajun managed to fulfil the China National Undergraduate Innovation Program (No. 091025217) funded by USST, mainly to design a hybrid leg wheel mobile robotic system. He is now the representative in the alumni and was invited to give a speech on the 10-year anniversary in UK. He became the course representative during his master study and actively involved in the society foundation. He is now funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN Fellowship for his PhD program (Translocation 2013-607694), which is proposed to tackle with the molecular basis of antibiotic translocation of gram-negative bacteria via electrophysiology study. Thanks to the close and effective collaboration among the consortium which is composed by 12 host institutions, Jiajun got multi-disciplinary training such as protein crystallisation and purification at University of St. Andrews, microbiology at Jacobs University. By taking the advantage of yearly ITN summer school, he got the basic knowledge of how molecular dynamics works from University of Cagliari and bacteria viability assay from Aix Marseille Université. All these opportunities enhanced his global view of the whole project.

ITN Project: Screening antibiotic on the chip


Igor V. Bodrenko, Jiajun Wang,Samuele Salis, Mathias Winterhalter, and Matteo Ceccarelli (2017). Sensing Single Molecule Penetration into Nanopores: Pushing the Time Resolution to the Diffusion Limit. ACS Publications – American Chemical Society- doi: 10.1021/ACSSENSORS.7B00311

Wang, J., Masi, M., Bajaj, H., Kreir, M., Winterhalter, M., & Fertig, N. (2016). Molecular Bases Basis of Antibiotic Translocation Across Outer Membrane Porins of Enterobacter Aerogenes. Biophysical Journal110(3), 544a.

Kovácsová, G., Gustavsson, E., Wang, J., Kreir, M., Peuker, S., & Westenhoff, S. (2015). Cell-free expression of a functional pore-only sodium channel. Protein expression and purification111, 42-47.

Weichbrodt, C., Bajaj, H., Baaken, G., Wang, J., Guinot, S., Kreir, M., … & Fertig, N. (2015). Antibiotic translocation through porins studied in planar lipid bilayers using parallel platforms. Analyst, 140(14), 4874-4881.

Email: jia.wang@jacobs-university.de

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