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Luana Ferrara


Luana Ferrara was born in Italy. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at the University of Palermo in 2011. The same year she moved to the University of Trieste to commence her master’s in Functional genomics. As a master’s student she applied for an Erasmus placement program and she spent 8 months at the Light Source Synchrotron (Harwell, UK). During her stay she gained experience in expression and purification of inner-membrane proteins from bacterial system. In 2013 she obtained her master’s degree with a dissertation focused on the functional characterization of an ABC transporter in E. coli.

Currently Luana is a Marie Sklodowska Curie  Fellow within the ITN Translocation project and she is enrolled as PhD student at University of St Andrews. Her project is mainly focused on structural characterization of outer-membrane proteins from pathogenic bacteria. As a PhD student she spent two month at University of Marseille. During her stay she gained experience in culturing Campylobacter and purification of porins from their native expression system.

ITN Project: Crystallisation Porins


“MOMP from Campylobacter jejuni Is a Trimer of 18-Stranded β-Barrel Monomers with a Ca2+ Ion Bound at the Constriction Zone”. Ferrara LG, Wallat GD, Moynié L, Dhanasekar NN, Aliouane S, Acosta-Gutiérrez S, Pagès JM, Bolla JM, Winterhalter M, Ceccarelli M, Naismith JH. J Mol Biol. 2016 Nov 6;428(22):4528-4543. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2016.09.021. Epub 2016 Sep 30.

E-mail: lgmf@st-andrews.ac.uk