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logo-bioversysBioVersys focuses on research and development of new chemical entities which switch off drug resistance at a genetic level within bacterial pathogens and in particular restore the efficacy of approved antibiotics. The company has developed several proprietary screening assays allowing a thorough in vitro assessment of identified Hit compounds regarding efficacy, bioavailability and toxicity. Besides this versatile proprietary screening platform, BioVersys has established a strong team and network to drive Hit-to-Lead development and subsequently lead preclinical development of best in class compounds.

Bioversys has proved the feasibility of their technology in the Mtb host macrophages by identifying a series of compounds that boost the activity of the second line drug ethionamide by up to 30 fold. Besides a strong focus on the development of anti-TB therapies, BioVersys has recently been able to identify compounds that restore the sensitivity of previously fully resistant bacterial pathogens (gram positive and negative) to an approved broadband antibiotic (proprietary, unpublished data).

Role: Selection and study of bacterial gene regulation systems involved in antibiotic resistance, efflux pump expression and membrane alteration of gram negative bacteria. Protein expression and purification; screening of chemical compound libraries in biochemical and phenotypic screens on the target class of transcriptional regulators; establishing of synthetic gene regulatory networks in bacterial and mammalian cell lines for screening purposes.

cropped-bacterial-resistance-bioversys.jpgKey facilities and infrastructure:  in vitro and cell-based drug discovery: The TRIC screening platform of BioVersys is build of assay modules that allow for rapid and customized integration of relevant target transcription factors regulating bacterial resistance gene expression. The combination of biochemical, microbiological and mammalian cell based procedures relying on custom-tailored synthetic gene regulatory cascades, allows for the specific and automated screening of small molecular weight compounds at different hierarchical levels. Main competences: Gene regulatory networks, bacterial resistance pathways, bacterial genotyping and gene expression analysis, protein expression and purification, biosafety 2 lab facility allows for MIC microdilution assay and biofilm formation assay with multi-drug resistant pathogens.



Dr. Marc Gitzinger;


Dr. Christian Kemmer





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