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Nanion Technologies

logo-nanionNanion Technologies is a spin-off from the Center for Nanoscience of the University of Munich (LMU). Nanion combines bio- and nanotechnology in a company serving the life sciences industry by offering products and services that increase the speed and efficiency of the drug discovery process.

Nanion bases its business on a proprietary chip technology and develops High Throughput Screening (HTS) systems for ion channel active drugs. Using a new approach based on nano-engineering techniques, Nanion has developed chip devices for patch clamp recording. Recordings of single ion channels as well as whole cell currents are performed with a chip made from borosilicate substrate containing micro apertures enabling HTS with patch clamp accuracy. Nanion enjoys an extensive international network of contacts within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, Nanion is currently a leading developer of nanofabrication techniques and analytical devices.

2009 Award: Gründerpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Role: Develops a high resolution high throughput format for electrophysiology of membrane channels.

nanionKey facilities and infrastructure: microsystems technology, MEMS, lab-on-a-chip, electrophysiology, ion channels, pharmacological screening, high throughput screening, biophysics of ion channels, ion permeation, nanopores, nanotechnology, lipid membranes, bilayers, planar patch clamp, biosensors, software development, hardware design, instrumentation.
Nanion Technologies GmbH offers a very scientific minded professional environment with state of the art microfabrication facilities and a thorough know how in ion channel biophysics.

Nanion has trained a number of students in practical trainings ranging from 8 to 26 weeks, which always was beneficial for the student as well as for the company. Nanion has also supervised more than twenty Bachelor and Diploma thesis students. The group has currently 1 Diploma student, 4 practical training students and 2 PhD student.


niels-fertigDr. Niels Fertig






Nanion Technologies, Germany