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Newcastle University

logo-newcastleThe University of Newcastle is a civic university belonging to the Russell Group, which comprises the 20 leading universities in the UK. The Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences (ICaMB) at the University of Newcastle includes nearly 50 academics, ~90 Ph.D. students and 60 postdocs, with expertise in a wide range of biological techniques.

Reflecting the wide range of research interests, ICaMB has equipment for studying protein structure and protein-ligand interactions, including mass spectrometry and proteomics facilities, ITC, DSC, SPR, AUC, DLS, CD and
(stopped-flow) UV fluorescence spectrometers. There is a particularly strong community of bacterial cell biologists and biochemists within ICaMB, organised within the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology (CBCB), the world’s first major
research centre with a focus on bacterial cells.

Structural biology within ICaMB has recently seen a substantial expansion, with the hiring of Professors Martin Noble, Jane Endicott, and Bert van den Berg. The structural biology laboratory has state of the art equipment for all aspects of protein crystallography, including a nanoliter crystallisation robot and a plate hotel, a microfocus X-ray generator with modern optics, cryostream and image plate detector all served by a server/RAID disk array
with all the commonly-used crystallographic software installed.

newcastleKey facilities and infrastructure: Expertise: Expression, purification and functional characterization of OM channels, X-ray crystallography, and transport assay development, fluorescence, liposome swelling, molecular biology of OM channels.



bert-van-der-bergProf. Bert van den Berg




Newcastle University, UK