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Welcome to the ITN project: Molecular Basis of Antibiotic Translocation!

Drug-resistant pathogens in particular Gram-negative bacteria are becoming increasingly pervasive. The Outer Membrane in Gram-negative bacteria represents a physical bottleneck for any antibiotic to reach a potential target.


The aim of this Project is to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms at the basis of the influx and efflux processes.

7peopleWithin the FP7 Marie Sklodowska Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) we have built an international network of 13 partner organizations including universities, research centers and private companies doing research in this area.

marie_curie_actions_fp6_logoThe Marie Sklodowska Curie Initial Training Networks promote multidisciplinary research and knowledge transfer by providing researchers of any age or nationality with the opportunity to spend time in another country as part of an international high-quality research project. Universities, research centers, enterprises and organizations in EU build an innovative network and apply together to fund a common research project.